• Proven Strategies
    Proven Strategies

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    Almoriaat is not constrained by normal barriers.
    A Free-thinking Insurance broker regulated by the Diwan.

  • Proven Strategies
    Proven Strategies

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    With over 100 years of experience, Almoriaat Insurance broker ensures you’ll always get the best guidance.

Don’t Be the Same, Be Better with Us !

Almoriaat is a new type of company for Iraq, founded by a group of experienced insurance and risk management professionals.

We see the need for an independent insurance and risk management consultancy to provide advice to both the insurance and business sectors

We understand the issues confronting you and have the contacts and experience to place cover in both Iraq with regulation by the Diwan and into the London reinsurance markets.

We understand how to obtain the best value for money terms in the market. Our policies are from insurers who know what they are doing and understand what the insurance contract must achieve.


Extensive knowledge of Iraq`s issues and needs

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At Almoriaat we have extensive knowledge about the insurance needs and culture within Iraq. This understanding helps us to resolve the insurance issues the Country has and find the ways to obtain reinsurance in the London and global markets.

General Insurance

In this competitive environment it is important to avoid exposing your balance sheet to paying for losses which could be insured. You do not have to insure every risk , only those which prevent you from carrying on your business. Our expertise is in identifying your exposures. They may not be what you imagine.

Affinity Schemes

For some businesses and associations it is possible to bulk buy insurance on  behalf of your customers or members . This gives protection to your market and also  enhances your brand as well as providing a profitable income stream.

Risk Management

Some risks need improvement before insurance is possible and some risks cannot be insured at all.  Almoriaat has sophisticated techniques to help you focus on the problems and install systems which secure your earnings.

The Intelligent Choice For Every Business

Feel free to contact us and get the most helpful consultation
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The need for insurance is frequently misunderstood and seen as an expense to be reduced or avoided.

It is true to say that unnecessary insurance should be treated this way but there is also what we call “necessary insurance“.

This protection is to avoid a loss affecting the survival or financial health of a business. Should a large fire happen, or a serious liability claim be made a company without insurance has to find the money from the balance sheet or borrow the capital.

Such a financial blow means that money that could have gone to pay profits or to increase the size of the company now has to be spent recouping lost property or reputation.

There are many ways to buy insurance without wasting resources. The solutions depend on your specific financial and trading situation.

A detailed consultation with us can help you protect your balance sheet without the need to buy unnecessary insurance.

Become One of Our Awesome Projects


Our expertise identified a problem in a MENA country within its Construction industry reinsurance schemes. The programme was reworked to provide a modern treaty at affordable terms.

Business Interruption

This is not widely known in Iraq, but it is possible sometimes to insure increased costs to stay in business following a fire or insured risk.

We arranged a policy where the firm could rent an alternative property while their building was rebuilt after a fire. This meant that output was continued without losing customers.

Affinity Schemes

Our experience in other countries has been to set up schemes for Banks and Mobile Phone operators by way of examples. The insurance was for things as diverse as loans and mobiles.

We have also been able to set up special schemes for car hire operators and their trade association.

Risk Management

A manufacturing business was losing money and could not understand why. Our survey showed that staff turnover due to illness in the Accounts Department was affecting cashflow. It transpired that the lighting in that department was poor. New light bulbs changed the workspace and cashflow improved

Don’t Be The Same as Everyone Else

Our goal is to work with you to improve your business, reduce your risks and save you expense if something unexpected should happen.